Extended Warranty for Fogging Machine

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THEO10 has recently launched a Nano Aerial Catalytic Liquid + (NACL +) service. It is a Disinfectant and Repellent Fogging service that provides disinfecting surfaces as well as repelling mosquitoes. It utilises the electrostatic charges technology to coat surfaces in an area which allows the area to be disinfectant and mosquito-free.

Checkout this along with the Fogging Machine bundle to have your warranty extended by 6 months.

  • QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds)
  • Neem oil
  • Pandan extract
  • Distilled water
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Write your own review
  • It will leave the area a little foggy for an hour for the electrostatic attraction to take place fully.
  • Leaves users with a pleasant pandan smell.
  • A small amount of liquid will be enough to cover the whole room.
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