Why THEO10

Why THEO10

In this blogpost, we will be talking about something more personal to us. If you are new here, you often wonder what is so different about THEO10? Why should you choose THEO10?

Hence we will be introducing the newer customers or people who are unfamiliar with us what our brand THEO10 entails as well as our uniqueness. 

Meet the team

 Theodore Khng


Theodore is an affiliate of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in UK and Singapore and attained an honours degree in Accounting from Oxford, UK. Despite his formal accounting education, his unique characteristics of curiosity and a hands-on approach has achieved unique success with the creation and development of Theo10® Skin and Heat.

10 months were spent researching optimal ingredients with highest efficacy to be combined to produce a potent mixture to serve as a balm for the benefit of its users. During that period, constant sourcing of ingredients from all over the world was in progress as the understanding that efficacy and potency of ingredients are reliant on the atmosphere and surrounding ambience of where the crops are grown. Ingredients started to be country-specific which eventually led on to farm-specific as the produce proved to be the best of its kind and species.

Today, Theo10 Pte Ltd is proudly supported by Singapore’s governmental initiative for entrepreneurship, SPRING Singapore. Under the ACE scheme, Theo10 Pte Ltd has benefited financially and guided by its thought-provoking approach to enterprise and innovate.

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Tng Bing Rong


Bing Rong started as a young entrepreneur at the age of 21. Before joining Theo10, Bing Rong was the Founder & CEO of a Games Development Studio which obtained several awards, including an accolade awarded by Rovio (Creators of Angry Birds), and Ubisoft Redlynx (Acquired by creators of Assassin's Creed). He was also CTO responsible for overseeing technical aspects of an agricultural portfolio company.

Combining expertise from gamification, digitalization & investing, he now steers & oversees the daily operations of Online-To-Offline (O2O) Commerce, Business-to-business (B2B) and plans the path ahead which involves pipeline for new products (R&D) & distribution to other countries. (Distribution)

Bing Rong also supports organisations that give back to the society, and has been a member of The Morning Greeters since 2016, participating in Relay for Life & Run for Hope. His project with Singapore Kindness Movement, which aimed to promote kindness was the project which bagged him an international award. He is also an Advisory Member of the North West CDC Crisis Management Advisory Group where he advises on the technological aspects.

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Why THEO10


‘Theo’ means God in Greek and ‘10’ represents perfection.



To be a household name for skincare and healthcare products, naturally.


At Theo10® Pte. Ltd., we believe in our philosophy of promoting only 100% natural products. ‘Theo’ symbolises ‘natural-ness’; the simplicity and effectiveness of using natural ingredients. In today’s day and age, rapid advancements in technology can create many achievements and successes. However, some of these may come with side effects and a price to pay. The realisation and combination of certain natural ingredients yields great benefits which makes us treasure and appreciate the healthy, raw efficacy of herbs and their essential oils.

The number ‘10’ represents perfection in its raw and innocent sense. There are millions of different herbs and even more species that sprout from each herb to beget many combinations of uses and values. Although the period of trials and tribulations can be very trying for all of us at Theo10®, the number ‘10’ served as an inspiration and a constant reminder that Theo10® products would not only be for personal usage, but families and strangers alike would benefit from using them.

Our principle of producing natural products has always been upheld in all our products. We make sure the products are all natural and at the same time caters to those customers who have extremely sensitive skin especially our main eczema customer group.

Our products are not only medically approved by the Ministry of Health, but also found in pharmacies and hospitals. Rest assured that our products do not cause any chemical reactions on sensitive skin. We are transparent with our ingredients which are all listed on our website and every product. Should you have any special allergies to any ingredients, do check out our ingredients used in every product before deciding to use them. 

We will be continuing to produce more all-natural products that are for daily use and with medical benefits. We would like to thank our customers for their support throughout the years and we strive to be better than before.


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