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The objective of this collaborative project is to raise support for Dayspring SPIN as many of them have been confined in their homes for long period due to COVID-19, the support of our products will help ease the  beneficiaries in the following:

➢ Allow proper hygiene choices in their daily habits and routines

➢ Provide good hygiene resources and support

➢ Cope with the after-effects of COVID-19 and readjust to changes

➢ Continue to remain safe and healthy post-COVID-19

Period: 01 July to 31 July 2020
HCSA Community Services, a charitable organisation with the Institute of a Public Character (IPC) status and a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), was started in 1996 as a halfway house for recovering drug addicts and ex-offenders.

Today, our work has expanded to include teenage girls who have undergone the trauma of repeated abuse and single parents with limited support.

As a family of dedicated staff, volunteer teams, and corporate and community partners, we continue to serve some of the most vulnerable in society, to give them a future and a hope.

Our mission to empower these vulnerable populations is achieved through our signature programmes:

Helping ex-offenders rebuild lives

HCSA DAYSPRING Residential Treatment Centre
Giving hope to abused teenage girls

Empowering single parents

HCSA ACADEMY Culinary Training Centre
Preparing workplace ready F&B professionals

SPIN (Single Parents INformed, INvolved and INcluded) is an initiative in collaboration with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). It aims to support care giving and improve the quality of life for single parents or lone caregivers who lack, or have limited, emotional, physical or practical support.

SPIN provides easy access to resources through an ally network of volunteers and an interactive website empowering single parents to make informed decisions and strengthen their social support network.

SPIN Basic ($5)
Dayspring SPIN will receive: 2x30ml Theo10 Hand Sanitiser

SPIN Special ($25)

Customer will receive: 1x130ml Theo10 REPELS
Dayspring SPIN will receive: 3x30ml Theo10 Hand Sanitiser

SPIN Gratitude ($50)

Customer will receive: 3x30ml Theo10 Hand Sanitiser, 1x130ml Theo10 REPELS
Dayspring SPIN will receive: 3x30ml Theo10 Hand Sanitiser , 1x130ml Theo10 REPELS

SPIN Angel ($200)
Dayspring SPIN will receive: 50x30ml Theo10 Hand Sanitiser

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