Why ‘Theo10’ ?

‘Theo’ means God in Greek and ‘10’ represents perfection.

At Theo10® Pte. Ltd., we believe in our philosophy of promoting only 100% natural products. ‘Theo’ symbolises ‘natural-ness’; the simplicity and effectiveness of using natural ingredients. In today’s day and age, rapid advancements in technology can create many achievements and successes. However, some of these may come with side effects and a price to pay. The realisation and combination of certain natural ingredients yields great benefits which makes us treasure and appreciate the healthy, raw efficacy of herbs and their essential oils.

The number ‘10’ represents perfection in its raw and innocent sense. There are millions of different herbs and even more species that sprout from each herb to beget many combinations of uses and values. Although the period of trials and tribulations can be very trying for all of us at Theo10®, the number ‘10’ served as an inspiration and a constant reminder that Theo10® products would not only be for personal usage, but families and strangers alike would benefit from using them.

Our mission
To be a household name for skincare and healthcare products, naturally.

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