The most forgotten place to disinfect

The most forgotten place to disinfect

When one thinks about where disinfecting, the automatic response is usually be hands. After all, that is where there are alot of germs. Some of you may even think kitchen tops, door knobs or dinning table. 

But what about cars?

Cars are hardly something people associate with when it comes to disinfecting. But there is one machine  has been making a big impression on both car companies and drivers since it hit the market. Let us introduce you to Theo10 NACL+ Machine.

What's in the name
The secret to the success of Theo10 NACL+ lies in its brand name; in particular, the NACL It refers to the incredible way how it can disinfect and repel mosquitoes.

Nano Aerial Catalytic Liquid + (NACL+) is a Disinfectant and Repellent machine that disinfects surfaces and areas as well as repel mosquitoes. It utilises the nano-electrostatic charges technology to coat surfaces in an area which allows the area to be disinfectant and mosquito-free.

How it works?

When the machine is turned on, the liquid in the machine would be forced into a gaseous state immediately under high heat and high pressure. The gas will then dissipate and fill the air. By principle of diffusion, the gas will travel from the area of higher concentration which initially is the area near the machine, to the area with lower concentration in a fog state. After an hour, the electrostatic charge that is present inside the gas will coat the areas it comes into contact with, including human skin. The electrostatic charges will then cling onto the surfaces and the nanoparticles will form an electrostatic coating in the air that lasts for up to 30 days. This will then disinfect the whole area, as well as repel mosquitoes. All it takes is 30s of fogging to cover 1,000sqf.

Why is it able to coat surfaces?

In the machine, electrostatic charges are injected into the liquid when heated up. As the liquid gets dissipated into the air, the electrostatic charges present in the liquid will be attracted to the electrostatic charges on surfaces around the area. This ensures that the whole area comes into contact with the gas and there are no missing spots. With the attraction of the charges, the gas molecules will then create a layer of coating on the surface which will last for 30 days.

Why is it able to disinfect?

In the liquid, it contains QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds). It is a common alcohol-free disinfectant chemical commonly found in disinfectant wipes, sprays and other household cleaners that are designed to kill germs. They do so by disrupting the cell membrane or viral envelope of germs and viruses thus fulfilling its purpose of disinfecting the area. With the help of the electrostatic charges in the liquid, the gas is more able to move to all areas automatically, thus being able to disinfect a much larger area compared to a disinfectant spray where there may be blind or unreachable spots. Our disinfectant liquid using QAC is officially proven to be effective to kill bacteria beyond 99.999%.

Why is it able to repel mosquitoes?

In the liquid, it also contains neem oil. Neem oil has a strong garlic-like scent that is critical in repelling and deterring mosquitos away. Neem is made of many components with the most active ingredient being Azadirachtin. It reduces insect feeding and disrupts the mosquitoes feeding habit. It also interferes with insect hormone systems, making it harder for insects to grow and lay eggs, thus killing and reducing the number of mosquitoes.

In cars

Most of us may have cars as our main transport system. It is extremely common for us to forget the amount of germs and bacterias that are accumulating inside the vechicle. Just imagine, you enter and exit the car at your destination, and then exit and enter the car again at your next location. The germs and bacteria that just follows you into your car is sneakly piling up insiede your vehicle. In addition, you or your passeneges who have eaten inside your car may have some bits in hidden areas attracting ants and insects.

Thus it is extremely important for us to disfinfect our vechicles frequently. Our machine is able to disinfect the interior of your car within 5 seconds. Will it be very foggy? Well, it takes about 20-30 min for the fog to settle down and for its repelling agent to take effects.

If you are worried that there may side effects such as spoilage to your car systems or leather on your seats, freight not as it has been undergo testing.

To ease your worries, check out this video where we interviewed a car grooming company who have acquired our fogging machine. 

If you want to acquire our services or find out more, please feel free to CLICK HERE.

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