Tips to help your sensitive skin cope with mask break out

Tips to help your sensitive skin cope with mask break out

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An article published by Channel News Asia gave useful step-by step tips on how you can cope with your skin outbreak due to wearing a face mask for a long period of time. Freight not, you can still wear make-up.

What does prolonged wearing of mask means?

Wearing a face mask when we head out has become the new normal. Our skin, however, may take a little longer to get used to this.

“During this time, people with acne-prone skin will be more susceptible to getting more acne; people with sensitive skin or eczema may experience more rashes and dry skin; and people with inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea may experience more swelling.” said by  Dr YX Lum, a medical doctor at IDS Clinic. 

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1.Prep skin before wearing a mask

Skin is delicate and it can become irritated if dirt or facial oil is left to sit on the face. The irritation can intensify if grime is “trapped” under a face mask – the air you’re breathing that’s trapped in the mask can become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

"To minimise breakouts and skin irritation, one can try to strengthen the skin and its barrier," said Dr Lum. He suggested maintaining good skin health practises such as making a habit of applying topical antioxidants, using a good and suitable moisturiser and protecting skin with products that can shield the skin from pollutants and other harmful particles.

“Prepare the skin by cleansing with a gentle cleanser then follow up with a gentle toner and an antioxidant product, and finish up with sunscreen,” said Dr Lum. “If you are wearing a very tight mask, it will be advisable to put on a soothing healing balm to minimise the amount of friction and injuries the mask may cause.”

2.Wear Sunscreen

A face mask is not a magic shield. Environmental aggressors such as harmful UV rays, blue light and pollution can still harm skin if it’s not protected. The most effective way to protect the skin is by wearing sunscreen under the face mask. 

“Sunscreen forms a protective layer over the skin,” said Dr Lum. To further strengthen skin’s health, consider a sunscreen formula that comes with skincare benefits like hydrating, moisturising and regenerating capabilities.

THEO10 Sunscreen

THEO10 has created a portable sunscreen of various size that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB protection. As mentioned above, getting sunscreen and being able to carry it around will be a helpful tool in preventing your skin from mask outbreak

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Theo10® Sunscreen is a moisturizing SPF50 sweat and water-resistant sunscreen which strictly contains no harmful substance to humans and the ocean. It effectively deflects harmful UV rays before they reach the protective outer epidermis layer of the skin. Theo10® Sunscreen is a broad-spectrum protection formulated sunscreen for protection against both UVA and UVB.

We ensure that the ingredients we use do no harm to humans and oceans particularly reefs. Our sunscreen contains non-nano and uncoated particles and food grade organic ingredients.

While most sunscreen whitens the applied area, Theo10® Sunscreen does not leave any traces of whitening features, instead, it moistens and grants an occlusive layer to retain the barrier against moisture loss and sunscreen protection.

Suitable for:

  • Young Children
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Dry or oily skin
  • Up to 90min water-resistant


  • Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil
  • USP food grade Vegetable glycerine
  • Non-nano Non-coated Therapeutic Grade Zinc Oxide
  • Non-nano Non-coated Therapeutic Grade Titanium Dioxide
  • Cold Pressed Snow Pear oil

Method of Application:

Ideally should be applied at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure to allow it to be fully functional.

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3.Should you wear makeup?

“It is not wrong to wear makeup,” said Dr Lum. “However, some of the foundation that we wear may contain ingredients that can lead to the clogging of pores, especially because of the increased humid conditions under the mask.” 

Since a face mask generally covers more than half the face, few will have the privilege of seeing that blemish on your chin so why not skip makeup and concealer? But if you must wear makeup, a bit of eye makeup is unlikely to affect the skin’s health.


Top up on the skin’s moisture, that’s been stripped away by the cleanser, with a moisturiser – for quicker absorption, apply when skin is still slightly damp. “A suitable lightweight moisturiser forms a barrier against environmental dirt and pollutants. Look out for ingredients such as ceramides or aloe vera for added soothing benefit.”

Those suffering from acne should refrain from tackling angry zits with harsh products that contain high concentrations of retinoids or benzoyl peroxide as that may further irritate skin. 

“Soothe, protect and treat the oily skin and acne with gentle products,” said Dr Lum. “Treat acne with antioxidants like vitamin C or calming ingredients like topical probiotics that not only reduce inflammation but also reduce the harmful bacterial load.”

THEO10 Moisturise

THEO10 has also created a moisturiser that is suitable for all skin types, especially those with very sensitive skin. Its all-natural ingredients which include aloe vera, helps to sooth and moisturise dry skin and prevent them from peeling. It comes in various sizes, from 60ml which is the most convenient option, to 250ml which can be use for refills.

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Theo10 Moisturize, a super hydrating moisturizer formulated using a unique combination of organically certified essential oils, cold pressed oils, and naturally extracted glycerine that hyper hydrolyses the skin by reducing moisture loss while drawing and absorbing moisture from the air thereby hyper-hydrates the skin. 


  • Organic Cold pressed French Jojoba Oil
  • Organic Cold Pressed Thai Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Natural Glycerine
  • Italian Chamomile Essential Oil
  • Grapefruit Seed Essential Oil
  • French Geranium Essential Oil
  • Madagascar Lyang Lyang Essential Oil
  • Valencia Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • Aloe Barbensis Miller/ Aloe Vera(200x concentrate)
  • Purified water

Direction of use:

 Apply generously on cleansed skin. Use regularly at any time of the day.

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5.Icing or using cold mask

If your skin is starting to show signs of swelling as a result of friction against the face mask, bring the swelling down by icing or applying a cold mask. Besides a one-off soothing cold mask, consider stepping up on masking altogether – at least a few times a week according to Dr Lum – to increase skin’s hydration which in turn strengthens the skin barrier, enabling it to better be able to hold up against whatever we put it through.

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