This CNY, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce has advised us to observe our own safe management habits. They are anticipating up to 20,000 daily cases with the new strain and we need to take it upon ourselves to be responsible.
Huat to do?

1. Virtual Well Wishes and Gift Giving
Staying responsible and keeping up with the times, there are many online and virtual ways to express joy and convey well wishes! Instead of physically giving red packets, try e-Ang Pow instead! It’s a nifty way to get your siblings and relatives living abroad to join in on the Chinese New Year festivities.
With our online gift vouchers, you can gift your loved ones (wherever they may be) something they really need and cherish from the range of products that we have. And yes! We ship internationally.


2. Sanitized Hands to Stay Healthy!
This CNY, exchange gifts, oranges, well wishes but not germs! Our Hand Sanitizer by far, has been praised for its lab-tested efficacy against germs and bacteria and endorsed by international health agencies to fight against coronavirus. It smells great, moisturizes your hand, protects sensitive skin and super addictive to use!

3. Spring Cleaning: A Symbolic Cleanse!
Cleaning the house is an important symbolic aspect of CNY. It is believed to get rid of bad luck of the past year and make room to usher in the prosperity and joy of the new year! Planning beforehand is key to ensure heightened productivity.

4. Heighten Alert! Behold the Auspicious Hour!
At the stroke of midnight on the first day of CNY, it is believed that the God of Fortune would be visiting homes to share the wealth of the new year and you can no longer sweep or wipe anything. But fret not! Fogging your home will completely and safely disinfect every nook and cranny. It is an exception to that rule to ensure the home is free of viruses and bacteria when your wealth arrives. (Don’t quote us on that if he asks)

5. 18 Lucky Food that’s Finger Licking good!
Here is a w(rap) on the list of foods that’s going to bring you huat! Oranges, Nian Gao, Long noodles, Whole leafy vegetables, Whole fish, Dumplings, Pineapple Tarts, Bak Kwa, Pomelo, Spring rolls, Tang Yuan, Fa Gao, Dried oysters, Sesame balls, Yu Sheng, Whole chicken, Peaches and Tray of togetherness. After all the goodies going into the tummy, it’s best to wash your hands. But uniquely this year with an innovative product, which is Theo10’s Rinseless Handsoap. It is a rinse-less formulation which does not require water to wash off. It kills germs and bacteria while ridding dirt and grime. It is a natural product which does not contain any preservatives, and is made using non-toxic surfactant from coconut and palm oil, naturally scented, low suds formulation and no parabens or phthalates.
Here’s a special promo to spread the huat.

For every 8th Theo10 Hand Xabon ordered, we would be giving you 10 more! You read that right. So you would get 18 bottles instead of 8. Huat are you waiting for?

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