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Theo10® ECZEMA contains high menthol content that relieve itch to stop the user from scratching. Neem oil comes to contact with the skin and helps improve the skin condition. Beeswax ensures that the oils are in constant contact with the skin. It also lends its water-resistant property for a prolonged duration of protection. It moisturizes the skin as our beeswax lend its water-resistant properties to keep the skin constantly moisturized.

Our ingredients

We use Neem seed oil that is cold pressed with no heat to extract as many benefits without losing its natural properties. Our Peppermint essential oil from America contains at least 50% menthol and this can only be achieved under very strict farming and processing conditions. Our beeswax has been tripled filtered using very fine micron-sized mesh to ensure no impurity without destroying its natural properties and benefits. With the added propolis, it has a soothing effect at the affected area.



  1. Relieves itch
  2. Reduce redness


No Steroids Smells like mint honey


Suitable for:

Young children

Peppermint Essential oil

Neem seed oil Triple filtered

Beeswax Bee Propolis

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